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Health Problems-Zdravstveni problemi

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Health Problems-Zdravstveni problemi

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:38 pm


Miniature Schanzuers are hardy and relatively free from diseases. They rarely have hip or knee problems. Over the years, breeders have been careful in selecting their breeding stock and screening them for eye, hip and heart problems. Some of the diseases that the miniature schnauzers are susceptible to are:

Congenital Juvenile Cataracts

This hereditary problem usually occurs at birth, and will progress to cause blindness. In dogs from the show line, this defect is rare. So it is important to choose you MS from a reputable breeder who constantly checks his breeding stock and have their eyes annually tested.

Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome

This is characterized by scaling on the skin and chronic blackheads along the back. Some cases of this can be related to allergy, metabolic disorders or simply lack of good care. To prevent this, pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene, grooming and diet of the dog

Urinary Tract infections - Urolithiasis

This occurs at a higer rate in the Miniature Schnauzers than other breeds. The infected animal can be seen urinating frequently and my carry blood in the urine. If not treated, this can lead to bladder stones, and in severe cases, urinary blockage. Prescription diets, antibiotics or surgery are used to combat this disease. Dogs with a history of this should not be bred.

Von Willebrand's Disease

This is a bleeding disorder that prolongs blood clotting and can cause complications during surgery. It is seen only in young puppies or debilitated animals. Though a large number of dogs who tested positive for this disease never experience problems, breeders are still careful and screen their breeding stock.


Hypothyrodism is the number one inherited disease of dogs in general. It is caused by malfunction of the thyroid gland and affects the dog's megabolism, causing depression, weight gain, lethargy, hair loss and an intolerance to cold. Supplementation of the thyroid decreases problems and most dogs live healthy lives.

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