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A Miniature Schnauzer has a hard wiry outer coat and a close undercoat. Its coat is non-shedding and this makes it perfect for people who suffer from allergies to dog hairs. The MS's coat needs special trimming to maintain the Schnauzer look. Groomers usually clip the head, neck and body coat short, close to the body, and only trim the hairs on the legs and under chest slightly to give them a fluffy but not messy furnishing. The eyebrows are scissored in an inverted V shape and the whiskers are kept long and combed forward. This bearded muzzle well furnished with soft hair is a distinct feature of the Miniature Schnauzer. The clipping of the schnauzers' coat will result in the lost of the harsh wiry coat typical of them replaced by a softer gray or silver-colored undercoat.

For show dogs, they need to maintain that harsh coat and thus the alternative is to strip or pluck, instead of clippering. Whether clippering or stripping, it has to start when the dog is young so to get him used to it.

Regular maintenance is necessary for this breed. It should be brushed at least 3 times a week. This not only keeps the coat tidy and mat free, it stimulates the body's natural oils. First brush along with the growth of the hair to untangle any mats. Then brush against the growth of hair to clean undercoat and massage the skin. Finally brush with the growth of hair again to keep it neat. The MS should be bathed and groomed every 6-8weeks.

Besides coat care, the ears should be cleaned weekly and nails clipped regularly. The teeth should also be brushed regularly to prevent dental carries. Allowing the dog to chew on raw bones will help keep the teeth clean. Clean the whiskers after a meal especially if the dog feeds on canned or wet foods. Eye stains can be cleaned with damp cotton buds. Furs around their paw pads should be trimmed at least weekly with a pair of scissors to prevent them slipping on tiled flooring or polished floorboards. Furs around the anal area should also be trimmed weekly to maintain hygiene by preventing poo from sticking onto their furs around that area.

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